Hewetson & Johnson has supported the Nostell Estate over the last six years, under the watchful eye of Mark Ludiman. Now, as Mark moves onto his new role at the Environment Agency, H&J founder Ed Johnson will take over. We wanted to welcome Ed to the Nostell Estate, and have a quick catch up to learn more about what he’ll be doing here.

How will you support The Nostell Estate, Ed?

I’m supporting the estate team with its management, concentrating primarily on the land and property side of things. My main focus to start with will be on the let properties on the wider estate although in terms of the offices at the Estate Yard, I’ll be supporting the estate team whenever they require the help of a professional surveyor.

How do the tenants benefit?

My role may be to support Lord St Oswald and the estate team, but undoubtedly the benefits extend to the Nostell Estate’s business community. By helping the Nostell Estate to maintain a strong financial position, we can ensure its longevity, giving tenants here the security they want. Furthermore, in good financial health, the Nostell Estate is also better able to diversify and offer even more exciting developments for the businesses based here.

What else does Hewetson & Johnson specialise in?

We offer rural estate management across the North of England. What that involves can be quite diverse. We look after heritage properties, let property portfolios, help clients to improve their environmental sustainability, and advise on farming proposals. We also have a residential sales business and advise clients on any potential development and diversification opportunities.

Can you tell us an interesting story about someone you’ve helped?

One of our clients is an older gentleman who owns a Georgian mansion and extensive grounds in a beautiful corner of North Yorkshire. We were advising him on filming at the estate – the BBC wanted to use the estate as a location for a period drama. It got quite awkward when we had to ask if he’d be comfortable with them filming a rather racy scene in his bedroom! Fortunately, he took it all in his stride, the shoot went really well, and we’ve had a lot of interest in the house following the success of the TV series.

What were your first impressions of the Nostell Estate?

The Estate Yard is probably the best commercial development I’ve seen. It’s amazing to see how key the development is to the estate now, when you consider what it was like 20 years ago. From an agent’s point of view, it’s an interesting estate to be involved in, because it’s so diverse, and has so much potential.

How do you see the estate developing in the coming years?

It’s probably a little bit early for me to comment on, but as I said, there are some wonderful opportunities to further develop the Nostell Estate. Clearly, this is a very popular business community, with a waiting list of companies hoping to take an office on the Estate Yard. I think there’s great scope to offer more offices at the Nostell Estate, and to continue expanding the facilities available to our tenants.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m a rather boring land agent – I like doing all the usual country sports! I also enjoy rugby, cricket, and, obviously, spending time with my young daughter and wife.

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