LOGSTOR UK Are Getting Hygge With It at The Nostell Estate

logstor uk

Happiness at work is an integral part of the Danish concept of Hygge, which is why LOGSTOR UK, the UK’s leading supplier of quality pre-insulated pipes for district heating has chosen to become part of our prestigious business community here at The Nostell Estate.

“Hygge is such an important part of being Danish that it is considered “an integral part of the national DNA”, explains Christopher Hill, Managing Director LOGSTOR UK.

“Incorporating hygge-feelings into the workplace, considering the fact that we spend, on average, over 40 hours in the office each week, is essential to the well-being of the team.”

The Nostell Estate provides the ideal working environment, incorporating high quality office space with excellent facilities and open areas for thought and relaxation.

LOGSTOR UK has been successfully operating in the UK for almost 4 years, with the business quickly establishing a strong presence, and in recent years, building up an extensive network of clients – consisting of local authorities, universities and heat network providers – in England, Wales and Scotland, to form a significant part of the overall LOGSTOR presence across 30 countries.

LOGSTOR have been designing and manufacturing pre-insulated pipes for over 50 years. As one of the market leaders in the design and manufacturing of pre-insulated pipe systems, LOGSTOR are at the cutting edge of new technology, and focus on providing better energy efficiency to their customers.
For more information visit www.logstor.com

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