Pratap Partnership Join The Nostell Estate

Since Pratap Partnership joined us at the Nostell Estate, we’ve been delighted to have them as part of our business community. With a friendly team and a proactive approach to networking, it’s clear that they’re going to be a brilliant addition to the list of tenants we have here. We caught up with company Managing Partner Nik Pratap to hear how the move has gone for them.


nik pratap partnership nostell estate
Pratap Partnership Managing Partner Nik Pratap


When did you start Pratap Partnership?

We started in March 2019, but in reality we’d all worked together over the last twenty years. We’re a strong team, with a lot of experience between us in the financial recruitment industry.

What is it you offer?

We’re a specialist recruitment consultancy. As I said, we all have a deep knowledge of recruitment into the finance industry, whether that’s in accountancy, banking and the investment community. We help those firms, both locally and nationally, to source their future talent.

How has the pandemic gone for you?

When we started the company, we decided to do so with agile working anyway. That meant the disruption of everyone having to leave the office passed us by.

Of course, recruitment often suffers in a downturn, but we made an early call to work through it. We were only a year old – we weren’t ready to take a break. At the beginning of the first lockdown we still had plenty of roles that were still ongoing. Then in May 2020 it did go quiet. But things started to pick up nicely from June. Since last autumn we’ve been at capacity. I’m really proud of how well we’ve done – it’s nice to reflect on our success from time to time (but not something that any of us do very often!)

Why did you decide to move to the Nostell Estate?

The downside of working from home was that a lot of the team hadn’t had much office interaction. We were intrigued about how a new working pattern could work. A hybrid model is especially attractive to us – it suits what we do. So in Spring 2021 we started to look for an office.

With our team being spread across the four corners of Yorkshire, the Nostell Estate’s location was perfect – it’s the pin in the middle. The facilities are just perfect for us. In recruitment we have a difficult and intense job, it’s mentally exhausting. Being in a very tranquil, green, and relaxed environment isn’t something we’ve had before. I know we’ll benefit. Inside it’s still 1000 mph, but you can step out and slow down and get the calm that you need to reset. It’s amazing.

How is it going here so far?

The whole team really loves it here. Walk and talk meetings are something we’ve already embraced. Whether it’s with a candidate for an informal interview, or doing quarterly reviews with the team, they’re a fantastic way to get together. The dogs love it too! We’re also looking forward to networking with the other businesses here as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Would you recommend the Nostell Estate to other businesses looking for commercial property?

We have done! Quite a few clients have asked to work from here in our offices, which says a lot. Several people we’ve invited here have already expressed an interest in joining the waiting list for available office space.


Learn more about Pratap Partnership and the other wonderful tenants here at the Nostell Estate. If you’re interested in joining our thriving business community, get in touch to join the waiting list for available office space.