Promoting growth at the Nostell Estate

Newport Land & Law and Oracle Vision have been at the Nostell Estate for just over two years. In that time, both organisations have grown, expanding their teams and their services along the way. This month, the Nostell Estate sees an exciting reshuffle in the Estate Yard as both firms move into their new, larger premises. To find out more about their ambitious growth plans and why they’ve chosen to make them here, we speak to founders Chris Lakin of Oracle Vision, and Anna Newport of Newport Land and Law.

growth at the nostell estate yard

2021 has kicked off with an exciting start in the Estate Yard for Oracle Vision and Newport Land & Law, who move into bigger office spaces here at the Nostell Estate

What attracted you to the Nostell Estate?

AN: I’ve known Nostell since I moved to the area as a child. We came to Nostell Priory for school trips and summer fairs. It was a place I knew well. As my business grew and it became difficult to run things from home, I looked for somewhere local that made the right impact.

Anna Newport Newport Land & Law

Anna Newport is Founder, Director and Solicitor at Newport Land & Law

CL: That’s it – the Nostell Estate has the grandeur. It was always an ambition to take an office here. It’s a great set-up here, it looks fantastic and I think that impact really fosters growth.

What growth do you have in mind?

CL: 2021 is going to be a big year for Oracle Vision. We’re growing our team to reach a wider base of customers, and offering those customers an even more comprehensive service, thanks to an acquisition we plan to make. All this change goes hand-in-hand with upgrades we’re making to our systems, too, so that we can not only maintain but improve our delivery. It’s all going to take some more space, which is why we were thrilled when Peter said there might be larger premises available here in the Estate Yard.

Oracle Vision co founders Chris Lakin and Tim Lakin have moved into the Athelward Suite, a 1,750 sq. ft. grade A office space

AN: We also have growth plans, as we make our brand more visible and grow our market share. We’re gaining also business through our educational content, which is really taking off. I started life as a journalist, but two years as a reporter was enough to put me off! Now I suppose I’m back into writing, in a roundabout way. We’re also recruiting, using Kickstart funding to find people who will grow with the business. Our aim is to create a community where solicitors can do the work they want to, flexibly, and while caring for each other. The idea was that I could work from a beach in Bali if I wanted to, but Covid has put a halt to that!

How has the Nostell Estate helped?

CL: Our needs were quite specific, because we wanted to bring together two sides of our business (Oracle Vision and Oracle Fire) under one roof. We had a chat with Peter, who’s always so helpful, and he was able to share that space was going to become available here on the Estate Yard. That prior notice was invaluable in helping us plan our expansion.

AN: I think the fact the Estate Team have a good sense of each business’ needs meant we could use each others’ plans for growth to our advantage. Peter was also looking out for a bigger space for us, so as soon as it became clear Oracle were moving into Athelward, he suggested the Gillows to us, before putting it on the market. It worked well for all of us. We also really appreciate that Peter involved us in the renovation work, consulting us in the choice of paint and carpets and arranging for the work to be done. It’s been a very coherent, and collaborative process, with lots of communication.

The gillow suite Newport Land and Law

The Gillow Suite is a beautiful Grade I listed building with original period features.

What other benefits do you get, personally and professionally, from being here?

AN: The difference between coming somewhere like this versus the centre of Leeds is massive. There’s space for your head here. If I’ve had too much screen time or people on the phone, I can be out walking in seconds. I can bring the dogs here which makes a massive difference to my working day. Even the drive in – it’s a world away from arriving into a city centre train station. It’s really enjoyable coming into work, and far better for your mental health.

CL: I totally agree. Personally it makes me feel better, and we have a better sense of wellbeing. Also, the customers love coming here. We regularly do a ‘walk and talk’, where we can go through the grounds, up to the Obelisk and back again, to chat about any issues. We’re having a meeting, but people come because they want to, not because they have to.

Before, we were in Hemsworth, just down the road. When we moved here, it was only a small distance, but a huge leap in terms of surroundings. The Nostell Estate has been here a long time, and being in a place with old, established roots makes us wonder if we do the same. It gets us in the mindset for growth – not just the management, our whole team. Our office setting doesn’t need to be this fancy, but it’s nice that it is, and it really makes us aspire to something bigger.

AN: I have the same experience with my clients. I can’t remember any other time when clients have commented ‘aren’t you lucky to be here’. That reflects on us. It may be just a building, but being in these surroundings says something about the way we work. Our clients feel as though they’re coming somewhere special to be treated in a special way.

Discover what it’s like to be at the Nostell Estate with this short video, featuring Anna Newport.

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