Sally Kirkbright Joins Us In Yorkshire House

sally kirkbright nostell estate

A very warm welcome from all of us at the Nostell Estate to Sally Kirkbright, who joins us in Yorkshire House. Sally is a registered counsellor and offers services for people living with a range of mental health issues. In this quick read, Sally shares why she chose to join the business community here at the Nostell Estate.

Why I chose the Nostell Estate

“I live locally and have been coming to Nostell Priory with family and friends for years. The beautiful parklands here are a big attraction, and I look forward to walking here more often now. What’s more, I know my clients will love it too. As soon as you enter the Nostell Estate, you feel calmer, and that will help my clients relax and aid our work together.

Yorkshire House itself is the perfect choice for my counselling practice here. It has a serene environment that you just don’t find elsewhere. I want to encourage a sense of wellbeing for my existing clients and hopefully attract more new ones. Personally, moving to the Nostell Estate will mean far less travel time to work, leaving me with more time for myself.

When the Covid-19 restrictions relax and we can all be reunited again, I look forward to offering ‘Walk and Talk’ therapy with my clients. We’ll take a safe walking route in the Nostell Estate grounds and talk about how they’re feeling. Getting out in nature and the fresh air with a bit of exercise can help us tremendously to manage stress and anxiety levels.

I am really looking forward to meeting other tenants and having a cup of coffee at Meridan. In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about my services, please email me at

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