Welcome Price & Pierce

Nostell Estate is proud to welcome Price & Pierce Forest Products Ltd. Price Pierce Forest Productsas our most recent tenant, joining us in Peach House East. Richard, Director at Price & Pierce shares:

“Price & Pierce have been in the timber industry since 1869, and we have witnessed huge changes in the supply of timber materials to the UK market. Amongst the most dramatic have been the rise and fall of the Canadian and Russian businesses.┬áThis year, Price & Pierce has been taken over by International Forest Products Ltd. of USA, one of the leading forestry products traders in the world.┬áThis new development will give Price & Pierce access to new sources of supply and the prospects for further expansion in the UK market.

The move to our new office at Nostell Estate is part of planned strategic company expansion which not only gives us easier access to our customer base, but enables us to enjoy a first class working environment.”

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