Farming at The Nostell Estate


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The Nostell Estate’s agriculture business spans across 4000+ acres, supplying grain and vegetables to established and startup businesses across the UK.

Our Farm Manager, Matthew Copley, manages the estate farms at Nostell and East Newton in North Yorkshire and Appleby in Lincolnshire. The crops in our rotation include wheat, barley, oilseed rape, beans and oats. These are all stored in our own modern grainstores which monitor the crop condition throughout the year. The produce is then supplied to food businesses all year round.

Farming is a traditional industry, but we’re keen to contribute to a more sustainable future for agriculture. We aim to reduce waste, help prevent deforestation and encourage wildlife diversity by farming our land responsibly.

It’s amazing to see the community-spirited work our tenants are doing. Tim Major of Swan Environmental has installed bird feeders in the business park grounds, attracting wildlife for tenants to enjoy

Estate Owner, Lord St Oswald

Waste reduction is a critical part of our process. The new grain store will help us sort and keep our grain in perfect condition and dry the grain more efficiently ensuring less grain goes to waste each harvest time.

Farm Manager, Matthew Copley

I was born into farming, and you could say it runs in my blood. I’ve never known anything else. That said, I love what I do, and it’s been a pleasure working on the land at The Nostell Estate for the last quarter-century.

Farm Manager, Matthew Copley

We’re helping to increase wildlife diversity while embracing new technologies at our farms in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Matthew Copley, Farm Manager since 1998

acres of farmland

There’s a lot of land to cover. Still, you’ll find us walking the fields.

thriving farming businesses

We’re proud to farm at Nostell and East Newton in North Yorkshire and Appleby in Lincolnshire.


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Our wheat, barley, bean, pea and potato crops help to feed families across the UK.

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You only need a minute with our farm manager, Matthew, to see how passionate he is about farming.

Matthew was born into the profession, which he says ‘runs in his blood’, and we’ve been lucky enough to have him work our land for the last twenty-five years. We interviewed Matthew recently – you can hear more about his thoughts on farming and the future of agriculture by clicking the link below.

More about Matthew

Waste reduction

Waste reduction, whereby we provide alternatives to imported soya beans (and therefore help to reduce deforestation) and plant trees on unsuitable land for farming, runs through everything we do.

growWe’ve planted over 20 acres of trees at East Newton in North Yorkshire, With a further 20 Acres due to be planted soon.

Agriculture technology

New technology, like our state-of-the-art grain store, helps us to manage our grain effectively, ensuring that less grain goes to waste each harvest.

Harvesting and fieldwork are all things that will become automated in future, and so we introduce new technologies that benefit our land and people.

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