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Upgraded EV charging gets the green light at the Nostell Estate

Published: 24.05.23 | by Peter Molyneux, Estate Director | 2 minute read

The Nostell Estate outlines its plan for meeting increased tenant demand for EV charging stations.

As our tenants’ electric vehicle (EV) usage grows, so too does the demand for fast and efficient charging points. With this in mind, The Nostell Estate has implemented plans to future – proof its EV charging provision. 

For 60 per cent of EV drivers (plug-in hybrids and battery electric cars) in the UK, charging in the workplace is a must-have or key choice factor (Virta and Kantar Survey 2022).

A site survey was recently conducted by Dan Pape, compliance officer at specialist EV charging provider, RV2 Power Ltd, identifying ways to improve charging for our tenants while at work.

Due to the increased volume of electric vehicles on the estate coupled with the rising cost of electricity, we needed a fair and affordable solution for our tenants. RV2 Power has helped to outline how to meet this need. The estate was an earlier adopter of the technology, so we’re pleased it has progressed to the upgrade phase.

Estate Director, Peter Molyneux

As demand for EV charging points rises, more and more clients are looking for reliable, sustainable and cost-effective ways to meet driver demand. By rolling out this initiative, The Nostell Estate ensures tenants receive a fit-for-purpose daily service.

Update: The Nostell Estate and RV2 Power have now implemented the EV charging points across the business park.    

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