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Lord St Oswald Takes On Wakefield Cathedral For Charity Challenge

Published: 10.10.22 | by Peter Molyneux, Estate Director | 2 minute read

On Saturday, 1st October 2022, Lord St Oswald completed a 164ft descent of Wakefield Cathedral to raise money for Wakefield Hospice.

President of Wakefield Hospice, Lord St Oswald was amongst 24 other participants to take on the descent, including The Nostell Estate tenant, Claire Sutherley, managing director of We are Wakefield. 

The group’s brave effort raised over £11,500 for the charity, according to The Wakefield Express.

There was undoubtedly an element of overcoming their nerves, with Lord St Oswald and Claire Sutherley commenting on LinkedIn following the descent.

Thank you very much to everyone who generously donated to support me on Saturday. It’s greatly appreciated and made the apprehension and nerves worth it.

Lord St Oswald

There’s still time to donate to this amazing cause as I’ll NEVER do that again!

Claire Sutherley

We are so proud of Lord St Oswald and Claire for taking part in this nail-biting challenge.

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