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Tenants Join for January Networking at The Nostell Estate

Published: 02.02.23 | by Peter Molyneux, Estate Director | 2 minute read

Tenants on The Nostell Estate came together for a January networking session in Meridian.

The Nostell Estate hosted a January networking event for business park tenants in the site’s dedicated social hub, Meridian, this January (2023). 

Speakers at the event were Tim Major from engineering consultancy Swan Environmental and Clare Sutherley, MD of business networking group We are Wakefield

Attendees were treated to hot and cold breakfast goods and hot beverages from Clocktower Catering at Meridian (which also serves tasty specials every Thursday – follow The Nostell Estate’s LinkedIn account for weekly updates!). 

It’s amazing to see the community-spirited work our tenants are doing. Tim Major has installed bird feeders in the business park grounds, attracting wildlife for tenants to enjoy. Clare Sutherley has done a tremendous job of uniting businesses in the region, including those within The Nostell Estate and further afield.

Lord St Oswald, Estate Owner

The Nostell Estate regularly takes the initiative from its tenants, installing amenities such as dog showers and dog litter bins and introducing services such as holistic therapy appointments.

We’re led by our tenants on items they want to introduce to the business park. The Nostell Estate is often complimented as a ‘better place to work’, and we’re keen to promote activities and services that contribute to our tenants’ well-being. We actively encourage suggestions

Estate Director, Peter Molyneux

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