My Nostell: Judi Oddie, Printstore

We spoke to Judi Oddie, Print Manager at Printstore, to find out why a sense of community makes networking a pleasure at The Nostell Estate

Tell us more about your business…

Printstore is a specialist commercial printing company that’s been in operation for over thirty years. I manage the business’s northern branch, headquartered in Kington-Upon-Thames. Printstore caters to lithographic and digital printing needs and produces everything from large format print to specialist finishes.

We work at scale, but high-quality, short-run projects are increasingly in demand. This is because many businesses today complement their digital marketing channels (websites, social media etc.) with targeted printed materials, delivering a streamlined, effective service to their customers. For example, colleges may need a prospectus to back up the course information on their website.

So, do you think there is less demand for print?

On the contrary, I would say it bounced back after COVID. I just think the need for a print run in the tens of thousands has given way to the need for more targeted on-demand drops. Customers today are more interested in factors like sustainability, too. They’re not necessarily looking for the cheapest option but the solution that best suits their customers’ needs. That’s why having a base like The Nostell Estate is ideal. I can speak face-to-face with customers about their requirements, talking through the options in person.

You mentioned sustainability. Is this a focus for Printstore?

Very much so. We only use FSC-accredited materials, which means all our paper and card stock comes from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials. We also use vegetable inks made from vegetable oils, not hydrocarbons, making them healthier for our workers and the environment. We work with many businesses in the restaurant trade. So, of course, our inks must be food safe as standard. Outside of our materials, we’re consistently looking at ways to lower our carbon footprint in all areas of our operations.

Can anyone contact you with printing requirements?

Yes, we encourage anyone with printing needs – however large or small – to get in touch. We’ve provided printed materials for around 75% of our Nostell Estate neighbours. There’s a wonderful sense of community here, and it feels natural to support each other. The nice thing is, we can meet for a coffee and chat in our office, The Kennels in The Estate Yard, to talk through options and look at samples. It’s the one with the lovely little topiary garden outside.

How can people get in touch?

You can visit our website or email us at We’re also on LinkedIn for general updates. I’m always happy to catch up in person at our offices or Meridan, the on-site café. Meridian has to be one of Wakefield’s best-kept secrets – Victoria does a lovely range of food (shhh!). Don’t hesitate to drop by if you’re passing!

To find out more about our available office spaces, please contact us.

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