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The Nostell Estate Upgrades Broadband Service for Tenants

Published: 06.12.22 | by Peter Molyneux, Estate Director | 2 minute read

Estate tenants will now benefit from centralised, faster broadband.

The Nostell Estate has upgraded its broadband service, moving to local specialist telecoms provider, Eitex. 

The new broadband service will be available to all tenants as part of their current contract agreement, making broadband setup and management more accessible for those working from the estate.

Consistent internet access is essential to daily life, with 99.7% of households in the UK experiencing a decent connection. By partnering with Eitex, The Nostell Estate has also ensured that this expectation is extended to the workplace.

To counteract the rising costs to businesses on the estate, we selected Eitex as a telecoms provider that can offer great value for money. Our tenants will experience the same connectivity (if not faster!) but with no fee increase. By centralising the resource, we make broadband easier to manage while reducing the risk of localised price hikes for specific tenants.

Estate Director, Peter Molyneux

The other significant advantage to the estate is having Eitex as one port of call for any internet-related issues. All 40+ businesses on the estate will benefit from the dedicated support of our team. If an issue affects multiple tenants, it can quickly be flagged or identified and dealt with effectively.

Jordan Williams, Eitex

Tenants will still be free to choose their preferred telephony systems, with Eitex offering Microsoft Teams for Business as a separate service.

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