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New Signage Lights Up the Nostell Estate Office

Published: 06.12.22 | by Peter Molyneux, Estate Director | 2 minute read

Locating the estate office just became easier with new estate office signage by Viz Biz Design.

The Nostell Estate Office has undergone an illuminating makeover thanks to the team at Viz Biz Design in Wakefield. 

The new 3D signage, which features subtle warm white backlighting, will help visitors locate the office, giving direct access to Estate Administrator Gayle Summers. 

Before the signage went up, we had instances where visitors struggled to find the office. Negotiating the Rear Walled Garden, Prison Yard, and Estate Yard can get confusing if you’re unfamiliar with the site.

The new signage looks fabulous! Especially as it starts to get dark. It stands out and helps people identify the office from a distance.

Estate Administrator, Gayle Summers

The modern sans-serif font used on the signage is bold and clear, and the signage is legible from a good distance. The backlighting is a really nice touch, catering for visitors who arrive in poor-visibility conditions. We recently had some pretty bad fog, and the signage shone through nicely – we could still see it from office 15 (approximately 100 metres away)!

Founder at Feel Created, Ian Long

The Nostell Estate Office is located just behind Peach House West, to the left of Meridian, in the Rear Walled Garden. Gayle is in the office daily between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. and can also be reached at 01924 862221. 

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