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Meet our team: Maintenance Operative, Paul Clough

Published: 13.09.22 | by Gayle Summers, Estate Administrator | 3 minute read

Experienced maintenance operative, Paul, has been a friendly face around the Estate for over 30 years.

You may not always see Paul around as he is often undertaking maintenance on properties around the wider Estate. Paul is a master of many trades – from tree surgery to painting and decorating. You’ll probably think of him as a groundsman and have spotted him cutting the grass occasionally. But, there’s much more to Paul’s role than looking after The Nostell Estate lawns. If you haven’t been greeted by one of Paul’s cheery hellos, here are some conversation starters for next time you see him…

My role involves…

Everything maintenance-related. I’ve worked here for over 30 years, and in those years, I’ve been awarded qualifications for many trades. Certification is often required to carry out maintenance work safely, and I have these for everything from tree surgery to weed-killing!

A typical day includes

A lot of lawn mowing! In the business park are the Estate Yard, Prison Garden and Walled Garden areas to look after, with multiple grassed areas in each. Because of the size and shape of the areas, it’s easier to use a hand mower. It takes roughly three days to cut and trim the business estate. We also look after the grass at several of the Estate’s private properties and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance site. 

But my days are varied and change based on the weather. For example, if it’s too wet to cut the grass, you may find me working on an internal painting job instead, as it’s more practical.

For over 30 years. And before that, I worked on the Estate as a contractor. There’s nothing I don’t know about the comings and goings on the Estate, I’ve seen it develop over the years, and I’m proud to have been a part of shaping it. I have a saying, “If I don’t know and Rod doesn’t know, nobody knows!”

When I’m not working I enjoy…

Alongside my wife, I run a nationwide spaniel rescue called Spaniel Assist. Our evenings and weekends are taken up with spaniel rescue work, and we own eight dogs of our own; three springer spaniels and five cocker spaniels. Looking after the dogs makes me a very busy man outside of work, so coming to Nostell is almost relaxing (almost!). 

Together, we’ve rehomed over 2,500 dogs in seven years from this country, Cyprus and Turkey. There are so many benefits to the role. For example, one of our rescue dogs gave birth to six puppies, which is wonderful. But it did come with the stress of a last-minute C-section! No two days are the same with so many dogs to look after.

If I won the lottery I would…

Retire (obviously!). But I would also donate a large portion of the money to The Nostell Estate to enable the team to plant lots of trees. I’ve cut down many trees here over the years (due to damage, rot, disease, etc.), and I would like to see many more planted to replace the ones that have gone. In addition, I’d purpose build kennels for our spaniel rescue, allowing us to take in short-notice rescue (the dogs we help are currently fostered). And finally, I would like to look after all the people who’ve helped me over the years – I never forget those who helped me!

People don’t know this about me but…

I’ve had motorbikes since I was young, and I used to be into motocross!

My favourite food is…

Everything! I enjoy a varied diet, including the odd takeaway. I rediscovered omelette recently – delicious. There’s nothing food-wise that I don’t like.

My favourite drink is…

I drink in moderation, and I enjoy variety. It could be a glass of cider or a glass of wine. I also like bottled beer and Guinness.

My star sign is…


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