RF Smart

About Us:

RF-SMART eliminates trips back and forth to the office between every task, error-prone manual data entry and all of the “invisibles” inherent in paper-driven processes—most importantly accuracy, productivity and activity status.

Instead you’ll know what products you have in your warehouse, where they are, who put them there, when they put them there, and how long it took to do it. Our customers commonly increase inventory and order-picking accuracy to nearly 100% and achieve productivity gains of up to 40%. As a result, they can reduce their inventory levels and more efficiently provide better customer service while reducing supply chain costs.

Contact details:

The Bothy Suite
Nostell Estate
Nostell, Wakefield
West Yorkshire

+44 (0) 1977 630 253 – Main
+44 (0) 1977 806 110 – Mobile
+44 1977 630 272 – Helpdesk

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