The Estate Yard

A place to relax outside the office:

The Estate Yard is a shared area located in the centre of the Nostell Estate development. Attractive footpaths, lawns, specially planted trees and plants provide a peaceful and relaxing environment outside the confines of the working office. The Estate Yard also provides parking space for office employees and visitors.

For more information about how you could locate your business to The Nostell Estate, please call 01924 862221

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“As a long-term tenant, I have witnessed the evolution of this most beautiful place over 14 years, while developing my own business. Not only has the estate enhanced the image and reputation of Yvonne Thurley Design in that time, but the support from its team has been invaluable. We do feel part of something quite special.”

Yvonne Thurley, Owner of Yvonne Thurley Designs