As the Nostell Estate grows busier and busier, we love to see new organisations joining our business community. We recently met with new arrivals The Timber Decking & Cladding Association (TDCA) and The Wood Protection Association (WPA) to learn a bit more about what they do, and how they’re finding things here at the estate.

Timber decking and cladding association

Tell us a little about what you do here

Both organisations are not-for-profit trade bodies for the timber industry – setting standards and promoting good industry practice. We actively endorse the use of timber for use in construction and outdoor spaces, with the WPA focussing on industrial treatments for wood to enhance its service life.
Growing trees and using wood sustainably is good for the environment and increasingly wood is recognised for its wellbeing properties due to its connection with nature (known as biophilia).

It seems fitting for a business like ours to be situated in a place like Nostell.

Can you share a little more about why you moved to the Nostell Estate?

The events surrounding the pandemic made many of us rethink our work life balance and as our office lease came up for renewal, we decided it was time for a fresh start. We knew about Nostell but had not realised the variety of offices on offer – with perfect timing one became available that was ideal for our needs.

The beautiful location was a key draw for choosing Nostell and from the very first visit it felt right.

With wide open green spaces, ample yet secure car parking, outdoor social areas, on-site refreshments and light, airy and spacious offices. Our team have a more pleasant working environment and a safe and welcoming outlook. You really feel like there’s a community here too.

How are you finding it here so far?

We absolutely love it. Peter, Gayle and Lord St Oswald have been so welcoming, we instantly felt like we belonged. From meeting everyone to being given a box of chocolates when we arrived – it’s another level.

We’ve always had a dog in the office – Mabel, and it is so lovely that Nostell openly welcomes four legged friends into its business community. Being able to just step into the Nostell parkland when it’s time for walkies is fantastic.

Would you recommend the Nostell Estate?

We do! I’ve already shared details of the last remaining offices with some friends of mine, and helped arrange a visit for someone. I’d recommend the Nostell Estate, 100%. It really is the bees’ knees, isn’t it?

Learn more about the The Timber Decking & Cladding Association (TDCA) and The Wood Protection Association (WPA) via their websites: