Velway expands at the Nostell Estate

As a property management company, Velway understand what great commercial premises look like. It’s the ultimate compliment then, that they not only chose to start their business at the Nostell Estate, but to stay here as they grew. To find out more about their growth and why they chose to build their business at the Nostell Estate, we caught up with Velway’s Managing Director, Robin Harris.

What attracted you to the Nostell Estate?

The Nostell Estate is a little bit different. We manage commercial properties, so it’s nice to have something that’s not on a traditional business park. This is a great place to receive clients, we can go for a walk in the grounds, and grab a coffee in Meridian. The location is exceptional. The facilities are great, the units are a good variety of sizes which support everyone from start up companies to companies looking to expand like ours.

What growth do you have in mind?

Velway launched in February 2019 and moved into the Nostell Estate in November that year. We’ve grown from there, increasing helpdesk facility, taking on bigger clients and growing our share in the market. In this post-Covid world, we need the room to accommodate everyone safely. I’m glad that we’ve been able to do that within the Nostell Estate.


How have the Nostell Estate helped?

They’re obviously very caring for their clients. During lockdown, due to my sons health condition, I wanted to continue working closely with the company, but separate from rest of the team. Peter was able to offer me another adjoining unit at a very fair price, so I could be close without having to be in the same office. The Nostell Estate look after you. That’s why, when we were looking for somewhere bigger, I wanted to stay here. I’d rather stay where there’s a personal approach.

What other benefits do you get, personally and professionally, from being here?

I think the estate is very in tune with how we want to be with Velway – that’s about great customer service for our clients and our staff. We want to have a family feel, and the estate allows you that. It’s great to bring the kids to see the office when they’re visiting Nostell Priory, and our Operations Manager brings his dog in. It’s absolutely in tune with the ethos and the atmosphere we’re building.

We are getting to know other businesses at the Estate, and starting to cross sell with other members of the community here. I think that community will thrive even more when restrictions ease and we can network in person more easily. That will be right where we want to be – mixing in amongst the community here. It’s a really nice atmosphere.

What would you say to someone considering a move to the Nostell Estate?

I’d definitely recommend the Nostell Estate. It’s well maintained, they have good size offices and the location is brilliant – close enough to the motorway to be a good commute. More importantly, the team really care. The estate team understand their clients’ needs and they’re flexible. During Covid-19 Lord St Oswald and his team have been very understanding, which I know businesses here appreciate.


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